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Calgary Flames New Arena Timeline

Come September 18th, 2017, the Calgary Flames will be a part of a split squad game against the Edmonton Oilers. Half the club will be playing in Rogers Place, one of the league’s newest arenas, and the other half will be playing in the Scotiabank Saddledome, the league’s oldest.

The search for a new home for the Flames is one of the most controversial topics surrounding the team other than whether Brouwer should be protected in the expansion draft. It’s no secret that the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corp. (CSEC) and the City of Calgary have fundamentally different views on how a new arena should be funded. It’s a conversation that’s been going on publicly for almost two years, privately for likely many more, and a solution doesn’t seem to be in sight. With both public and private parties stubborn in their stance, it’s unclear how much longer Flames fans will have to wait before a new arena deal is finalized.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a timeline of notable events regarding a new arena in Calgary. This story is constantly evolving and we’ll be adding to the timeline whenever anything interesting happens relating to the new arena. Please let us know if we’ve missed any dates (we know, we know, we should have included Kanye West passing over Calgary for his Saint Pablo tour). We’re hopeful that City Council and CSEC will work something out and set the right example regarding how to approach the new arena, you know, like have CSEC fund the whole thing (<– watch this video, start at 9:30 if you’re not a JO fan).

Arena Timeline Graphic.png

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