Arena Attendance Series Part 1: The Pacific Division

As the 2018-19 NHL regular season draws closer and closer, the excitement amongst fans is reaching an offseason high. Which team in the league has the most fans willing to make their way to their local arena and watch NHL hockey in person night in and night out? To get a better idea, I decided … Continue reading Arena Attendance Series Part 1: The Pacific Division

Weekly Win Column: Week 3

What a week in the NHL. The Vegas Golden Knights finally earned their first loss in franchise history, the last team to shed undefeated status. Auston Matthews and Alex Ovechkin are still scoring lots of goals, and the Edmonton Oilers look like a shadow of the team who shutout the Calgary Flames on day one. … Continue reading Weekly Win Column: Week 3

How to Win #Flames1stGoal

One of the most universal human experiences involves logging onto Twitter and making a guess for the Calgary Flames’ #Flames1stGoal contest. Every single game day, you select a player in hopes of being right, and more importantly, scoring those coveted tickets to a home game. There are many strategies for picking the first goal scorer. … Continue reading How to Win #Flames1stGoal