Assessing the trade deadline for the Calgary Flames

After months of speculation, countless mock trades, and finally a few hours spent constantly refreshing Twitter, the 2019 NHL trade deadline has come and gone. As of 1 p.m. MST today, teams are now unable to engage in any further transactions for the remainder of the season. This year saw many big names traded extremely … Continue reading Assessing the trade deadline for the Calgary Flames

The Win Column NHL Power Rankings data visualization for the Pacific Division from Weeks 1 through 9.

TWC Power Rankings year-to-date summary

The 2018-19 NHL season is rapidly approaching the mid-way mark. Stanley Cup favourites have differentiated themselves from the rest of the league, the foggy playoff picture has cleared up more and more with each passing game, and all the same, anything can happen by the end of the regular season. Now is a good a … Continue reading TWC Power Rankings year-to-date summary