Data visualization of NHL arena attendances of all 31 teams during the 2017-18 regular season.

Arena Attendance Series Recap

  Click on the image for the full size! If you've followed along on the Arena Attendance Series, I hope you've enjoyed it! Would love to hear your thoughts at @mrbilltran or @wincolumnblog. Read the whole series, including more detailed charts, here: Arena Attendance Series Part 1: The Pacific Division Arena Attendance Series Part 2: … Continue reading Arena Attendance Series Recap

Inside the Boxscore: 2016-2017 NHL Season

With the abundance of metrics tracked in an NHL game nowadays, analyzing and understanding the data itself is a difficult task. With the fluidity in the sport of hockey, many different stats, methods, and models are applied in hopes of providing valuable insight. The challenge in presenting data to promote meaningful discussion is that it … Continue reading Inside the Boxscore: 2016-2017 NHL Season