The Win Column NHL Power Rankings data visualization for the Pacific Division from Weeks 1 through 9.

TWC Power Rankings year-to-date summary

The 2018-19 NHL season is rapidly approaching the mid-way mark. Stanley Cup favourites have differentiated themselves from the rest of the league, the foggy playoff picture has cleared up more and more with each passing game, and all the same, anything can happen by the end of the regular season. Now is a good a … Continue reading TWC Power Rankings year-to-date summary

About Last Night #22: Down in Dallas

The Calgary Flames gave up three separate leads in their bout against the Dallas Stars. One day removed from American Thanksgiving, the Stars were probably adding the Flames' defensemen onto their list of things they're thankful for. On multiple occasions, the Flames were unable to clear the puck from their zone and instead gifted the … Continue reading About Last Night #22: Down in Dallas

TWC Power Rankings: Week 2

The Win Column Power Rankings is a weekly feature that will highlight the current rankings of all the NHL teams during that specific week. While their place in the standings will be taken into affect, each team's’ weekly performances will have the greater effect on how high, or low, they end up ranking. We officially … Continue reading TWC Power Rankings: Week 2