How the Flames have fared for February star selections

Resuming hockey after the all-star break this season brought back shades of the last, bringing back haunting memories where things seemed to slip for the 2017-18 Calgary Flames. Despite a questionable start to February, the 2018-19 Flames shook off their demons and got back on track. They finished the month still first in the Western…

How the Flames have fared for January star selections

The Calgary Flames at this point in the season are probably switching their focus towards gunning for the Presidents’ Trophy. The Tampa Bay Lightning are within reach and if things line up for the Flames, then there might be good reason to celebrate come April.

How the Flames have fared for December star selections

The Calgary Flames held first place in the Pacific Division for the entirety of December, and ascended their way atop the entire NHL. Thanks to spectacular play from their top players, they find themselves having one of their first halves in franchise history.

How the Flames have fared for November star selections

The second month of the season concluded with the Calgary Flames comfortably in a playoff spot. As the calendar flipped over to December, they were first the Pacific with games in hand to boot. They entered December with a 15-9-2 record. How did star selections look for them in November?

How the Flames have fared for October star selections

The first month of the 2018-19 season is officially over for the Calgary Flames. They have played 13 games, and have a respectable 7-5-1 record. They have often looked dominant, but just as often looked dismal. As the Flames continue to work out what kind of team they are, certain players have already been standouts,…

Visualising the 2018-19 Flames Three Star Selections

The Flames have been out of action for nearly a month now. It’s not an easy pill to swallow seeing how wide open the playoffs have been and how the Flames aren’t competing anymore, but there’s still plenty of reason to feel good about the Flames. Let’s not forget how good of a campaign they…