NHL Fantasy: The Best Basic Tips

Fans of the NHL love nothing more than attending games or watching them on television. But there aren’t always games to attend or watch. And ice hockey fans also aspire to be hockey players or managers themselves. It’s where NHL Fantasy comes into the picture, allowing fans to be the latter, but there are some basic tips everyone should know about before getting started.

Differentiate between real and fantasy

Before anyone thinks of getting started, it may seem obvious, but it’s important to note that fantasy hockey isn’t the same as what’s happening in real life. For example, in real hockey, a player could be doing well but may not be posting the numbers that can positively impact NHL Fantasy.

Put in the work

Sports-based games continue to have a significant influence on our lives, especially in the gaming sector, from esports tournaments to online slots games, and you can’t be successful without putting in the work, and the same applies to fantasy hockey. An example of putting in the work is to dedicate time for research, not just at the beginning but throughout the season.

Utilise mock drafts

Mock drafts are a godsend in terms of preparing for the real thing. Not only do mock drafts allow players themselves to work out their own strategy and which players they may wish to acquire, but they can also allow an understanding to be generated of other fantasy hockey players and their strategies.

Put increased focus on goaltending

A mistake many NHL Fantasy players make is that they overlook the goaltender position for others. But, goaltenders, the stats they post in terms of save percentages, alongside team wins, are hugely important. So, selecting a top-level goaltender is always the way to go.

Check injury records

As part of any research, checking the injury records of players is crucial. Any injury-prone players should be a no-no. If possible, look into how often players have been injured or how many games they’ve missed in the last several seasons. Players who aren’t necessarily injury-prone but do pick up knocks and strains should be monitored and managed accordingly.

Target hidden gems

Everyone will know the players who are supposed to make waves and deliver on the stats front. But, a common occurrence is that some players who have flown under the radar can spring up from nowhere and impress. And, if a fantasy hockey player manages to identify and draft these, it could be the difference between winning and losing. There are a whole host of tips out there for NHL Fantasy players, especially those new to the scene. Those mentioned above are worth bearing in mind, primarily before getting started, as they will put players in an excellent position to work towards having a good season. And remember, it is fantasy hockey, so it’s meant to be fun, even if people take it seriously and want to go all out to win.  

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