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Report: Brad Treliving not allowed to interview with other teams until his contract expires

Since his departure with the Calgary Flames, Brad Treliving has been seemingly quiet. His name hasn’t been appearing around the league at all in terms of interviewing or being linked with any team whatsoever, and now the latest details on the reason why has surfaced.

Frank Seravalli reported that the Flames a re not allowing Treliving to interview until his current contract officially expires on June 30.

Treliving’s departure

The Flames and Treliving parted ways back on April 17. The few weeks that ensued saw the Flames make further changes, including firing Head Coach Darryl Sutter. The timeline around the Flames’ first few weeks of their offseason was eventful, but they are slowly starting to steer the organization back into a competitive state.

When the Flames will bring on a new general manager is anyone’s guess, but one thing they’re now apparently making sure of is that other teams don’t contact Treliving.

Petty moves or tactical strategy?

This tidbit of news adds another wrinkle into the the Flames’ offseason as barring Treliving from talking to other teams seems like a petty move on the surface. It’s a bit of an odd move to stop someone from truly leaving and moving on.

However, there might be a reason. Between April 17 and June 30, there are just over 70 days where most of the league’s attention remains on the playoffs and the upcoming 2023 NHL Draft.

If there’s any modicum of strategy for the Flames—and this is purely speculation—they don’t want the odd chance that Treliving can take the Flames’ scouted prospects and use it for a new team during the draft. From an organizational standpoint, it’d be a devastating draft if all their picks meant to be reaches were gone just a few picks prior should Treliving have the ability to make draft decisions with his new team.

The Flames might trust Treliving not to do this, but they can’t trust other front offices as a whole. Since the NHL Draft and Treliving’s contract expiry are so close to one another, making sure Treliving can’t begin weaving the fabrics for a new franchise is a valid play on the competitive front.

Treliving’s timeline

So for the time being, Treliving is probably enjoying a prolonged vacation and he can start getting back to business once summer comes around. We’ll see what’s next for the Flames in the coming days, but for the Treliving, it’ll take even longer.

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