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Flames Fit Check: Best pregame outfits of the 2022–23 regular season

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. This edition is a little different than usual. We’ll be ranking the top five fits of the regular season. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, we’ll also crown a Unfashionable Mention of the season, my personal favourite placement in the rankings.

Although it was a turbulent, frustration filled season, the team showed some light with their wardrobes. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Nikita Zadorov

There was no doubt who would finish the season as the inaugural Flames Fit Check champion. Nikita Zadorov could’ve captured all five spots on this list with his statement suits we witnessed throughout the year. It was hard to settle on just one, but this cream coloured ensemble from the first half of the season is just plain clean. Paired with a copper patterned tie and light blue shirt, the shirt and tie give off a nice contrast with the jacket and pants while the buckled shoes finish off the fit.

I’m not sure why but this oozes Russian Bond villain fresh off his helicopter in Miami to conduct a lucrative black market business deal. The only thing missing from pulling off the full Russian Mobster ensemble is the socks and short leg. The white suit gives off Colonel Sanders vibes unless it’s paired correctly. After months of speculation, Zadorov’s suit guy remains just as secret as the Colonel’s mix of herbs and spices.

Zadorov had a productive season, setting career-highs in goals and points. With an offseason sure to be full of change, hopefully Zadorov returns next season to defend his Fit Check crown.

2. Jacob Markstrom

It was a tough year for the veteran puck stopper in Calgary but the big man had some noticeable fits to say the least. This green suit featured in our March edition showcases the peak of Jacob Markstrom‘s performance off the ice.

The Swede’s simple spring look lands him second place on the season’s Fit Check. The dark green suit and the black shirt buttoned to the neck brought a John Wick as the Easter bunny vibe. The hair in breeze is the finishing touch. I wonder what Marky’s conditioner budget looks like.

Keep yours eyes peeled for Markstrom in our monthly Fit Check next season, and another spot on our final Fit Check list this year.

3. Nikita Zadorov

Zadorov makes his second and final appearance in the final edition of Fit-Check at the number three spot. Zadorov wore this ensemble for a handful of games this season and tuned heads every time.

A deep blue suit with copper pin stripes and a burnt orange tie give off a Willy Wonka on wall street feel—I say that in the best way possible. An extremely well-tailored suit as always, just enough cuff from the shirt peeking out of the jacket sleeve to bring that contrast through the whole outfit.

After seeing what Zadorov has showcased the last couple seasons with the Flames, it will be interesting to see how the Flames utilize the big defenceman next season. Whatever the case may be, Z will be sporting the “look good, feel good, play good” mantra on his walk into the arena.

4. Dillon Dube

Our first place fit of February takes home the fourth overall spot on our season list. The furry-faced forward took a page out of his chins book with this cozy ensemble on the road.

The fabric looks oddly similar to the bath mat in front of my shower and gives a “just dropped the kids at school in my nice pyjamas” vibe. Short cuffs on the carpet pants show off some brown boots giving me flashbacks to the UGG epidemic of the 2010’s.

The willingness to break the mold is what earned Dillon Dube his spot. This might be the exact reason some people hate it, but the Jon Hamm classic Mad Men look does wear itself out eventually.

5. Mikael Backlund and Rasmus Andersson

Two of what seems like 4,000 Swedes on the Flames roster take home the number five spot as a duo. Some stylish Movember facial hair for the dapper Nordic countrymen wraps up a pair of great suits from our November edition.

Mikael Backlund with the double-breasted checker, and Rasmus Andersson with the single checker. A yin and yang of sorts.

Backlund’s suit brings in a really cool deep green/blue colour that pairs nicely with his watch and tie, while Andersson goes for the more casual look—no tie and a loose collar.

One with a short slicked back look, clean moustache and a tie. The other with the flowing hair, untrimmed beard and an unbuttered approach.

The same idea, but with each guy’s unique style. These fit’s reflect each players personality really well to round out our top five of the season.

Unfashionable Mention – Jacob Markstrom

I really hate doing this to one of my personal favourite Flame, but this throwback from our first edition in October takes home the cake for most unfashionable fit of the season.

I’m not sure who let Jacob Markstrom leave the house on October 18 of last year. I will say, it is nice to see that the sweater my Great Grandmother made me last Christmas is getting some use as a suit jacket now. It’s kind of like if a sock monkey was a vacuum salesman living in his car.

That might be a bit harsh. Really, it’s a bold fashion statement and like we’ve discussed since the beginning, I have no authority giving fashion advice.

Aside from the jacket, this wouldn’t be a horrible outfit. Nice blue tie matches the pants and didn’t try to reinvent the wheel going with a white shirt. The cherry on top, what appears to be boat shoes? Maybe this is a common Swedish sea lawyer look but I’m not catching the same drift as Jacob.

Markstrom also showcased some great fits this season but there’s room for improvement. Maybe Zadorov will hook up the puckstopper this offseason with his black market suit dealer.

Thank you for joining us for our inagural Flames Fit Check series throughout season. Tune in next year for more unsolicited and uneducated fashion takes.

All photos curtesy of @NHLFlames

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