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The impact of sports fandom on the Canadian iGaming industry

In the eyes of the average person, sports betting and traditional casino games, such as slot machines and table games, have little in common. They are indeed both forms of gambling. You can enjoy both at most casinos around the world, including here in Canada now that single-game betting is legal. There are some similarities between the two… but do they end there?

There is no doubt that sports have greatly affected the casino gambling market. It’s important to understand how popular Canadian sports affect different types of gambling, and how they help attract more players to land-based and online casinos alike.

The influence of Canadian sports on iGaming

Sports-themed casino games are the most obvious influence of fandom. Consider the types of sports Canadians enjoy most. Ice hockey is one of the favorite sports here. Seven of the 32 NHL teams are based in Canada. Additionally, Canadians are big basketball and baseball fans, with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays playing here. Although Canada does not have an NFL team, it does host its Canadian league, the CFL, and many enjoy watching (and betting on) American football as well. In addition, there are sports such as soccer, tennis, and golf.

In Canada, these are just some of the most popular sports. The number of slot machines that incorporate sports themes into their gameplay is certainly something you’ve noticed if you’ve been to any casinos lately, especially the online varieties.

How can Canadian sports fans choose an online casino?

The internet offers plenty of gambling advice if you’re new to the game. Canadians and international players have unlimited options when it comes to online casinos. You need to know that some casinos are licensed abroad if you are a gambler. The most relevant online casinos for Canadian residents may be those licensed in the country. A gambling license ensures high levels of security, protects personal information and ensures fair play for gamblers. You will want to choose a reputable online casino that offers various games, and ideally offers a mobile app so you can enjoy your favorite sports-themed slots on the go. Unibet is a casino that offers all that, and luckily it is coming to Canada, so you can read more to learn about the games it offers, what licenses it has, how you can register, etc.

Online slots with sports themes

NHL fans can play slots from all major gambling software companies. Among them are Break Away from Microgaming, Ice Hockey from Playtech, Hockey League from Pragmatic Play, and Hockey Hero from Push Gaming. The selection of basketball-themed slots is far greater than ever before; Microgaming offers Basketball Star, iSoftBet offers Slam Dunk, and Playtech offers a Dennis Rodman-themed slot machine. There are also dozens of baseball-themed games. 

The number of sports-themed slots available just goes to show the impact that sports and sports fans have on the development of the iGaming industry.

Sports-themed table games

You’re likely familiar with roulette, but have you played Touchdown Roulette? The game consists of standard American roulette, along with a side bet on the outcome of a zero or 00 landing. In this case, four spins of the roulette wheel simulate a football game. It is up to the qualifying players to choose a team – red or black – and the result of the next four spins determines the winner.

A Touchdown Blackjack game is also available. On the surface, it is a traditional game of blackjack played by hand. As players begin on the 20-yard line, they gain yardage by splitting and doubling or losing yardage when the dealer gets blackjack. In case of a touchdown, the player can kick the extra point and begin another drive.

In terms of sports-themed table games, Evolution Gaming’s Live Football Studio is the most intriguing. Instead of American football, it’s European football, also known as soccer. Their idea was to take the traditional Asian table game, Dragon Tiger, and give it a sporty twist. Rather than betting on Dragon or Tiger, players bet on the Home or Away Team. As far as other rules are concerned, they are the same. The background displays live football/soccer games, assuming any are currently taking place. A big game makes it even more enjoyable. During the dealer’s commentary, the crowd (of online players) gets involved.

Betting on sports at online casinos

Having the ability to bet on sports online is one of the biggest ways that sports have influenced online casinos over the past few years. Before the advent of online betting, you had to visit a physical bookmaker to place a bet on any sport. Now you just need to go to your favorite online casino site and see what matches or games are scheduled. Sports bettors now have unprecedented convenience with online casinos.

The impact of sports on online casinos is evident. Most of the leading gambling platforms feature themed slots, betting options, and sport advertising contracts. Furthermore, gambling websites constantly adapt their content to attract new visitors and adapt to the interests of their audience.

Casinos themselves change the sports industry constantly from another perspective. Sponsorship, donations, and support of young teams are not overlooked. These collaborations are unstoppable in their development. Both industries will benefit from the interaction between these fields as the link between them grows.

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