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Flames Fit Check: March 2023 pregame outfit rankings

Welcome to The Win Column’s Flames Fit Check, your monthly destination for Calgary Flames pregame fashion. Now, not by any means am I really qualified to give any opinions on fashion, but that’s the best part about the internet—I don’t have to be qualified. That being said, throughout the season you’ll be seeing my top five pregame fits and an unfashionable mention that turned some heads for the wrong reasons. The hunt for a playoff spot brought all business this month.

Without further ado, let’s check out the top fits of March.

1. Jacob Markstrom

With a bounce-back in play this month Marky also made a bounce-back in the fit check rankings.

The Swede netminder brought his best green suit and kept it simple. No tie, no hats, and nothing in hand.

The black shirt contrasts the green and makes the belt buckle pop. The slicked back hair finished off the spring Easter bunny John Wick look. The top button done up gives off a serious tone as the team looked to grab as many points as possible this month.

2. Troy Stetcher

Stetcher throws it back and locks in the second spot this month. Entering the rink or the disco? Stetcher’s no jive turkey but Jackie Moon wants his suit back.

A checked tan suit with the matching vest is the star of the show while a simple white shirt and no tie combo kick the spring mood into gear. Black buttons on the shirt are a nice touch.

While Stetcher has been in the lineup a lot with Chris Tanev’s injury, I’m wondering if the deadline acquisition used to have a side gig selling used cars in Arizona.

3. Nikita Zadorov

Sticking with the tan jackets, Z makes his monthly appearance slightly lower than usual with this trench coat ensemble.

The giant Russia looks as though he may actually be two children stacked on top of each other wondering into an R rated movie. All that’s missing is a large hat and some dark shades.

Zadorov’s tailor did it again this month but the big man kept it professional and left some flare at home with this one. Like I mentioned earlier, it needed to be all business in the month of March.

4. Mikael Backlund

The tenured Flame played his 900th career game this month as the veteran has looked almost his best yet this season on and off the ice.

Mikael rings in spring with a bright blue combo and like most of his teammates, no tie. A fresh haircut and Fiji water finish off the look.

Mikeal’s killer smile is on display here, showing his lighter side. Maybe looking to gain some more off season endorsements and land himself some screen time.

5. Rasmus Anderssen

Rasmus rounds out the top five with another no tie look in a light checkered suit. The Swedes brought their best this month and Anderssen was no exception.

Slicked back hair in the spring breeze and his game face on, the D-man knocked it out of the park with the extra pocket on a clean checkered jacket and some simple boots.

Rasmus also gets special notice for wrist candy of the month with this gold piece to round out the fit.

Unfashionable Mention – Jacob Markstrom

Well, the champ of the month is also our worst pick. Jacob brought his biggest, shiniest buttons and worst hat out of the closet earlier this month for this one.

I’m not sure where to start, the hat or the jacket. It’s not the worst we’ve seen but I just don’t understand how he looked at that misshapen loaf of bread with a brim on it and thought it would be the cherry on top.

The jacket and suit are a little out there, but still fashionable. Nice watch, and the hairs flowing out the back but when you put it all together I feel like I’m in line at the pharmacy at 8 a.m. on a Monday.

Although Marky’s fit gives off old and slow, the netminder has really found his stride as of late. The sharpest dressed man was also the dullest dressed man this month. Let’s just hope by the middle of April he’s still going through ugly hats for playoff pre game entrances.

All photos courtesy of @NHLFlames .

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