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James Johnson talks about the Calgary Flames’ playoff chances on the CBC Eyeopener

After the Calgary Flames’ overtime loss to the Arizona Coyotes, the team took another major hit to their playoff aspirations. With trade deadline moves that suggested the team will still go for it and results that suggest they’re more poised to tank, the direction and final outcome for the Flames this season is anyone’s guess.

Will they right the ship and string together wins or will they lose enough to be in the Connor Bedard sweepstakes? Or worst of all, might they continue to muddle their way to the end with wins here, losses there, and finish in the least ideal spot of being both out of the playoffs and the draft lottery?

Calgary Flames talk on the CBC Calgary Eyeopener

Earlier this morning, The Win Column’s own James Johnson (@JamesJohnsonYYC) was featured as a guest on the CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener (@CBCEyeopener).

Talking with host Loren McGinnis, the two discussed the Flames’ present outlook on the playoffs both from a team perspective and a mathematical look at their probabilities, as well as insights on what it might take to right the ship for Calgary.

Check out the radio segment here!

Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

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