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Fan designs slick jersey concepts for Flames and Oilers 2023–24 NHL Heritage Classic

It was recently announced that the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers will face off in the 2023–24 Heritage Classic at Commonwealth Stadium. This comes on the heels of a thrilling Battle of Alberta playoff series in 2021–22—the first in 31 years.

While the official announcement did not include information on the jerseys that each team will wear in the outdoor event, many fans have created fun and nostalgic concepts for these jerseys.

One artist, Orion Taylor, released two sharp designs for each team on Twitter this week.

We reached to Orion to explain his concept:

Heritage Classic jersey concepts

“I’ve created these concepts based on some info I’ve received from Ali Murji (@AliMurji1) on Twitter.  He’s had a fairly reliable track record and I’ve worked with him in predicting the RRII sweaters with varying degrees of accuracy. So maybe a pinch of salt is required for these, but only time will tell.”

Calgary Flames

“Starting off with the Flames: I’m told there’s likely to be a vintage white base colour, with a slightly darker shade of red and minimal (if any) yellow on the sweater.

“The jersey striping is inspired from a “pre-Flames” sweater, so that could be open to interpretation. In this case, I’ve chosen the Calgary Stampeders sweater, but am not certain this is the direction Calgary will go.

“I feel that Adidas will stick with the Flaming C logo for Calgary, but with recent surge of retro jerseys that have come out, could a Stampeders-esque logo be out of the question?”

Edmonton Oilers

“For the Oilers, I think there is a bit more concrete information. It seems likely that the sweater will be inspired by the 1952 Edmonton Mercurys Olympic sweater. I’m told that a navy base colour should be expected with vintage white and orange accents.

“For Edmonton, it seems likely that the logo will resemble the original Mercurys logo, with a few updates found throughout. The maple leaf switching to an oil drop seems to be a safe bet along with the team name in the banner changing form the Edmonton Mercurys to the Edmonton Oilers.

“In any case, the “Concept 1s” for both teams are the direction I would expect Adidas to go, while the “Concept 2s” are more of a “what if” idea pulling some more retro elements into the design.”

What do you think of Orion’s concepts? Let us know on Twitter @wincolumncgy and @orionataylor, or in the comments section. Visit for more incredible designs!

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