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Get to know the Calgary Flames coaching staff

When it comes to the fidelity and strength of a team, it goes from the ground up and depends heavily on the coaches and mentors who guide their players throughout the many games. Manchester United wouldn’t be what it is without the efforts of coaches such as Sir Alex Ferguson for example.

Roma as well, wouldn’t have reached its peak without the efforts of one Jose Mourinho. With this in mind, it can easily be said that the Calgary Flames wouldn’t be one of the most valuable teams in the NHL without the guidance and dedication of their coaches and coaching staff. These people all put dedication into their craft and instill these values of dedication, having their players train hard in their spare time rather than procrastinate via Casino Online or any other media.

Within this article, I’ll be highlighting some of the top names of the Calgary Flames coaching staff, and their contributions to the team.

Darryl Sutter – Making a Comeback over 20 Years Later

When it comes to Coaching, Sutter has been in the game for years, to say the least. This season will be his second stint in the coach’s seat with the Calgary Flames, after he coached the team from 2002 till 2006.

But this wasn’t his only rodeo as a coach, as he had been an NHL coach for 18 seasons, winning 15 of those seasons. This seems like quite the blessing for the Calgary Flames and their chances of doing well under this seasoned coach’s guidance are quite high.

Kirk Muller – A New Face for the Flames, A Big Name In Coaching

Coming into the Calgary Flames as their associate coach for his first season, like Sutter, Kirk Muller is no stranger to the world of coaching, having an extensive resume in regards to coaching.

He started out as an assistant coach with Montreal from 2006–07 till 2010–11, and became Carolina’s head coach from 2011–14 until assistant coaching for St. Louis until 2017, before going back to Montreal. Now he’s bringing his years of coaching experience to he Calgary Flames, and when paired with the aforementioned Darryl Sutter, who knows what they’ll bring to the table.

Ryan Huska and Cail MacLean – Faces New and Old

Cail MacLean
Ryan Huska

Huska and MacLean are the Flames two Assistant Coaches. Huska had been in the position of coaching for a while, now entering his third season with the Calgary Flames, whilst MacLean is entering the foray of coaching within the NHL, as former head coach of the Stockton Heat. Both of these coaches are full of experience and it would make sense that they’ll be bringing a lot to the table in regards to administrative aspects for the team.

Jason LaBarbera and Jordan Sigalet

Jason LaBarbera
Jordan Sigalet

LaBarbera took over from Sigalet as goaltender coach in December 2020. Sigalet was promoted to Director of Goaltending, the Flames citing his role being focused on “NHL drafting, professional goaltending procurement and all goaltender development within the organization.”

LaBarbera was a high profile signing after his work with the Canadian national team, and has offered a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Flames’ coaching staff.

Jamie Pringle

Pringle is the Flames’ video coach and is currently in his 11th year as a member of the Flames’ coaching staff. Prior to his role with the Flames, he served as a video coach for the Florida Panthers, and for Hockey Canada internationally.

Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire

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