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Can Calgary win the Stanley Cup: View from the betting floor

We have arrived at an exciting stage of the National Hockey League season as the schedule drops gear and gathers pace. Matches will come at you thick and fast over the next few weeks, and with the best games shown live on television and live streaming apps, it’s a great time to be an armchair follower. Sports fans have never had it so good between the NHL, NFL, and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Which games from the season so far stick in your head? Have you been lucky enough to get along to the rink and watch your favorite players bag a big win? Your team may be a genuine contender to win the Stanley Cup. A lot is going on, and the season seems to take a new shape with the passing of each big result. But which teams are worth following this season, and where is the famous cup destined to end up at the campaign’s climax?

Calgary is one of the teams that appears to have a decent shot at glory this year, and they have been performing well enough to at least be in the playoff race. Few supporters dreamed of seeing Flames win the trophy, but results have not yet gone their way for sustained games. However, the roster is built to contend, and some supporters now allow themselves to dream of what was once thought impossible. There has even been a surge in NHL bets made on Calgary in various popular markets, including to win the Stanley Cup.

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What’s going on?

What’s behind the increased attention from bettors on the Flames? Does it mean they have a genuine chance of going all the way? Surely support in the markets comes from more than just fans showing blind loyalty. Some wise bettors are talking about Calgary’s form, which only adds to the excitement.

We could analyze the betting, track the movement of the odds and compare that to Calgary’s performances this winter. But we prefer to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Our guest sports betting expert explains just what’s going on in Vegas and how you can react to ensure the best betting value.

By the end of this article, you’ll be up to speed on Calgary’s recent form, their position in the betting to win the Stanley Cup, and what traders really think about the matches ahead. 

Calgary season update

Calgary Flames are holding their own in the Pacific division with 18 games on the clock. Their stats at the time of writing are nine wins, two in overtime, against seven defeats. They have scored 58 goals but conceded 60, which shows where the team must improve.

If the Flames have any chance of contesting the trophy, they must improve defensively, which the coaching staff already knows. But they are running out of time. This stage of the season isn’t the worst for ironing out the creases, but it’s certainly not ideal. That puts pressure on the manager to get things right before it’s too late and their chances of success go up in smoke.

Bookies’ view

All major betting apps agree over the Flames, placing them as the seventh most-likely team to win the cup. That places them just behind the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs. Fans of the Flames will believe their team has a better chance than those two. But only time will tell.

The odds offered on an outright win for Calgary is about the +1600 mark. If you aren’t too hot on betting odds, the traders believe Calgary has an outside chance of glory, but improvements must be made to their game to challenge the top sides. That’s a view shared by many followers of the NHL, particularly those with a passion for supporting the Flames.


If the Flames aren’t fancied, then which team are the traders supporting? Colorado Avalanche is the most likely winner of this season’s Stanley Cup, according to those in charge of creating odds and accepting wagers.

They have sat at the head of the market since preseason and are showing why. The impressive Boston Bruins are the nearest rivals, and the team expected to lay down a challenge.

Which team will carry your support in the coming weeks?

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