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Karim Kurji discusses the bigger impact of Nazem Kadri bringing the Stanley Cup into his mosque on CityNews

Nazem Kadri had a busy summer. From winning the Stanley Cup, taking it to his mosque, and signing with the Calgary Flames, Kadri had a year to remember and he’s certainly looking forward to bringing his tenacity and talents onto the ice for Calgary.

Talking about Kadri’s actions and the larger impact on CityNews

The Win Column’s Karim Kurji (@karimkurji) went on CityNews with Jillian Code to talk about the profound impact that Kadri’s actions had on him and the larger Muslim community. Becoming a Flames fan by bonding with the community in his mosque, seeing Kadri doing something as historic as bringing the Stanley Cup into a mosque was an inspirational moment for many Muslims around the globe.

Below is the full clip on CityNews:

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