Trim your playoff beard up top and down low in style with MANSCAPED™

It’s been a tough week for Calgary Flames fans. Now eliminated from the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs at the hands of their archrivals, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames are now officially in the offseason.

The ending of a playoff run also spells the end of other beloved things, including the luscious playoff beards carefully grown by fans during this month.

It’s been a fun, but stressful time. It’s okay to admit you’ve let yourself go a little bit and neglected to take care of the regular grooming you should have. Fear not, hockey fans, MANSCAPED™ has you covered.

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They sent us the the Performance Package 4.0 and it did not disappoint. The headliner in the package is the Lawn Mower 4.0, the most high-tech and flawless trimmer on the market today. Here is a taste of the features it includes and why it’s our favourite trimmer to take care of our playoff beards, both up top and down low. It also includes the new Weed Whacker, perfect for trimming those hard-to-reach places like your nose and ears.

  • The Performance Package 4.0. includes the Lawn Mower 4.0.
  • The 4th generation trimmer features a cutting-edge ceramic blade to reduce grooming accidents thanks to their Advanced SkinSafe™Technology. 
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0. has a 7,000 RPM motor, a multi-function on/off switch that can engage a travel lock, AND gives you the ability to turn the 4000k LED spotlight on and off when needed for a more precise shave.
  • The Performance Package 4.0. also includes the Weed Whacker!
  • The Weed Whacker is a nose and ear trimmer for the toughest weeds. Designed with proprietary SkinSafe™ technology, the Weed Whacker helps reduce nicks, snags, and tugs.
  • It is also waterproof and shock resistant housing to deliver maximum confidence.
  • The package also includes other liquid formulations that are all Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Dye-Free, Sulfate-Free, and Paraben-Free.  
  • The Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant helps to create an anti-chafing barrier and provides freshness below-the-waist.
  • The Crop Reviver™ ball toner features soothing aloe and witch hazel extracts for protection among the highly sensitive areas of the body. 
  • And it comes with a free Shed Travel bag and free pair of anti-chafing boxers!

The playoffs are over, and that means it’s time to get back to your regularly scheduled grooming routine. You’ve let yourself go for the past month cheering on our beloved Flames, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to struggle getting yourself back to your prime condition and maintaining that all offseason long.

Let our friends at MANSCAPED™ take the wheel and give you the best experience possible. You can’t go wrong with the Performance Package 4.0, so take advantage of our exclusive offer to get yourself the best trimmer on the market.

Get 20% off + free shipping by going to manscaped.com/wincolumn. Your balls will thank you!™

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