Calgary Flames

Karim Kurji talks about the Red Lot and the impact for Calgary Flames fans during the Stanley Cup playoffs

The Flames are in the thick of a Round 1 playoffs battle against the Dallas Stars, and with so much at stake, one big note on the fan experience is the Red Lot and its unavailability during away games. Having no Flames-sanctioned viewing area during road games during the playoffs is a missed opportunity and it’s making headlines around the city of Calgary.

Discussing the Red Lot and what fans can do on CityNews

The Win Column’s Karim Kurji (@karimkurji) was featured on CityNews talking about the Red Lot for the playoffs and how the atmosphere is hyped up when fans have a common place to congregate. Instead, due to prior commitments with other events in the area, the Calgary Flames were unable to host any official festivities during away games and many fans wished it wasn’t the case.

Here is the full CityNews clip:

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