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Goal songs for the 2021–22 Calgary Flames roster

One of the best things about going to a Calgary Flames game is noticing all the personalized goal songs they have for so many players on the team. Whenever a player scores, the goal horn goes off, but each time a different song plays in the arena, it just depends on which player scores.

Just recently, the Flames decided that Tyler Toffoli’s goal song would be Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Personally, I would’ve gone for “I’m a Little Teapot,” but this works too. They also made Blake Coleman’s goal song “Working in the Cole Mine” by Lee Dorsey. Take a look below to see what other goal songs they have for their players.

These are all pretty solid choices, but let’s explore what song every other player should have.

Elias Lindholm

How does one of the best goal scorers on this team not have a goal song? Let’s change that as soon as possible please.

Super Trouper – ABBA

Why Super Trouper? Why not give a nod to the Swedish centre by picking a song from the legendary Swedish group ABBA. Second of all, I think the title of this song pretty much encapsulates his goal scoring. He really is a super trouper on that line and will not stop putting up points even if you are incredibly annoyed of hearing this song over and over and over. I might have been born almost 20 years after this song was released, but I know a banger when I hear one.

Brett Ritchie

Bad – Michael Jackson

Brett Ritchie is bad. Not in the way Michael Jackson means in this song, but just because he is just a really bad hockey player. This is very self explanatory. If you don’t like this song, don’t worry, you will not be hearing it.

Oliver Kylington

Style – Taylor Swift

Am I a big Taylor Swift fan? Yes. Did I go out of my way to just throw in a Taylor Swift song? Maybe. But honestly this has less to do with any of that, or Kylington’s name, or really his skills on the ice. All it really has to relate to is his incredible pre-game fits because my goodness does he know how to dress himself. Just scroll through these Instagram posts and take a look at his style. Impeccable.

Chris Tanev

U Smile – Justin Bieber

Chris Tanev’s pearly whites (or lack thereof) is one of his most famous characteristics. Tanev’s teeth are loved so much that Jacob Markstrom decided to even include them on his mask.


It’s hard not to picture Tanev smiling whenever he is mentioned, but it’s safe to say that whenever he scores, we will see a big smile on his face.

Nikita Zadorov

Rasputin – Majestic, Boney M.

I feel like this is the most obvious choice here. Just image this: Zadorov is at the point, beats the goalie with a slap shot through traffic, fans go nuts, Zadorov with a huge celebration, and then this song starts playing in the background. Maybe it’s just me, but I really need this to happen.

Eric Gudbranson

Good Life – Kanye West ft. T-Pain

I honestly owe Eric Gudbranson a huge apology. I was not discreet about my criticism of Erik Gubdranson (and Nikita Zadorov), but they have really proved me and many others wrong this season. Somehow they have become a really serviceable bottom pair. I really did not expect Gudbranson to be good (or I guess you could say Gud). I think this song is a perfect fit.

Trevor Lewis

Lewis (Mistreated) – Radiohead

I’m going to be completely honest, I literally just found out now that this song exists. I couldn’t tell you what this song is about, what album it’s from, or even when it was released. However what I can say is that his name is in the title, there is some good guitar in it, and some great drums too. There may be better options out there, but I don’t think it gets as personalized as this.

Brad Richardson

Rich Girl – Gwen Stafani, Eve

A literal classic. This song will never not go hard and ideally we would be using this song for Ritchie instead because his name fits more, but because Richardson has been able to record four more points than Ritchie, this will have to do. Out of all the songs I have listed, this is definitely one that I really want the Flames to use.

Personalized goal songs are great for entertainment

I have loved hearing all the goal songs that the Flames have had ever since they started doing them. I really thing it’s a great way to involve the players and the fans in the celebration of a goal. This exercise was so much harder than I expected it to be so full credit to the Flames organization for already having such a long list of songs. If this season has been any indication we might be hearing these songs in the Saddledome for a lot longer this season than we are used to.

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