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Flames Fan Vote: Predicting the most valuable Calgary Flame in 2021–22

Figuring out who the most valuable player to a team is fairly difficult even before a season begins, but what happens when we blow the field wide open and pit all players in the Calgary Flames system against one another in a fan-driven poll? Let’s see who ranks the highest and put together the unofficial Flames fan depth chart for the Calgary Flames.

Ranking the Flames

How will this be done? We’re using AllOurIdeas, a survey tool that compares two random selections against one another to answer a burning question. In this case, the question is:

Which player in the Calgary Flames system will be the most valuable in 2021–22?

Being valuable is intentionally loosely defined. It’s up to you to decide what you think it means. Is it solely based on on-ice performance? Does their contract come into play too? What about the league they play in?

Two players will be shown at random and you can select who you think is more valuable. Slowly and surely, the fan-voted depth chart will come together. The tool will keep randomising selections so you can answer as many or as few times as you like. Whether you answer just once, or a thousand times, it’ll all go towards the final results.

The Flames overall depth chart

While the Flames’ stars will take the top spots, it’ll be interesting to see how it breaks down among them. Further, seeing if fourth liners and bottom pairing defencemen on the NHL roster are perceived less valuable compared to players on the Stockton Heat will be telling of how fans view the team. Prospects can be compared too, so really this is as comprehensive a depth chart as we can get from a survey.

So clearly, this will go beyond just seeing which Flames skater would win the Hart, it’s also for ranking all of the Flames from the top of the organisation all the way down to the bottom. There’s 74 players in total, from Johnny Gaudreau, Matthew Tkachuk, Jacob Markstrom, and more of the Flames’ best, all the way to Yegor Shastin, Yuri Trubrachev, and others on the Flames’ reserve list.

For the purpose of this survey, skaters are eligible if they are listed on the Calgary Flames depth chart as per Each and every player currently in the Flames system (different from players signed to AHL or ECHL contracts) are a part of the poll.

So click here and participate in the Flames depth chart survey! We’ll share the final results once voting concludes!

Photo by Larry MacDougal.

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