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Calgary Flames Over/Under Predictions for 2021–22

The 2021–22 NHL season is right around the corner! The puck drops next week on October 12th, and the Calgary Flames will kick off their season on October 16th against the Edmonton Oilers. Join us for the fourth annual Calgary Flames Over/Under Predictions!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of things we think might happen for the Flames over the course of the 2021–22 season and marked them up with thresholds we believe are targets for this year. Your job is to decide whether the threshold is realistic. Is Sean Monahan going to bounce back after recovering from a hip injury? Does Johnny Gaudreau reach the point-per-game mark? Does Matthew Tkachuk change his style and keep it clean?

This year, we’re offering a prize to the person who picks the most correct answers by the end of the season. If that happens to be you, you’ll take home a Calgary Flames puck and some TWC stickers to go with it.

Submit your predictions using the form linked here.

Here are the results from past seasons:

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Calgary Flames 2021 Over/Under Results

We will post regular updates throughout the 2021–22 season as thresholds are reached (if any) to see how predictions are coming along.

Our thresholds are below and we’ve included predictions by the TWC team. Are we out to lunch?

PlayerDescriptorO/UTWC Prediction
Johnny GaudreauPoints78.5O
Sean MonahanGoals19.5U
Elias LindholmGoals26.5O
Matthew TkachukPIMs82.5U
Mikael BacklundCF%52.5O
Andrew MangiapaneGoals22.5O
Dillon DubePoints39.5U
Milan LucicPoints24.5U
Blake ColemanPoints44.5O
Glenn GawdinGames Played19.5O
Brad RichardsonPoints19.5U
Tyler PitlickGoals9.5U
Trevor LewisPoints14.5U
Nikita ZadorovCrosschecking Penalties24.5O
Chris TanevBlocks164.5O
Noah HanifinPoints34.5O
Rasmus AnderssonPowerplay Points13.5U
Juuso ValimakiATOI16:59O
Oliver KylingtonGames Played34.5O
Erik GudbransonGames Played34.5O
Michael StoneGames Played34.5U
Jacob MarkstromStarts65.5O
Dan VladarWins10.5U
TeamDouble Digit Goal Scorers9.5O
TeamLongest Winning Streak5.5U
TeamDivision Finish (over is worse)3.5O
TeamTrade deadline moves2.5O
TeamTotal Wins40.5O
TeamWins against Oilers2.5U

Think you know better how the Flames will do this year? Submit your predictions and try to prove us wrong.

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