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Calgary Flames Over/Under Predictions 2021

Hockey is back. The Calgary Flames start their season on the road against the Winnipeg Jets next week. This year, join us for the third annual Calgary Flames Over/Under Predictions!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of things we think might happen for the Flames over the course of the 2021 season and marked them up with thresholds we believe are targets for this year. Your job is to decide whether the threshold is realistic. Is Sean Monahan destined to return to a 30 goal pace? Does Johnny Gaudreau surpass the point-per-game mark?

This year, we’re offering a prize to the person who picks the most correct answers by the end of the season. If that happens to be you, you’ll take home a Calgary Flames puck and some TWC stickers to go with it.

Submit your predictions using the form linked here.

Here are the results from past seasons:

Calgary Flames 2018-19 Over/Under Results

Calgary Flames 2019-20 Over/Under Results

We will post regular updates throughout the 2020-21 season as thresholds are reached (if any) to see how predictions are coming along.

Our thresholds are below and we’ve included predictions by the TWC team. Who is the most out to lunch? With different answers from everybody, there are bragging rights to be earned.

Johnny GaudreauPoints55.5OOOUUUO
Sean MonahanGoals23.5OUUUUUU
Elias LindholmGoals20.5UOUOUOO
Matthew TkachukPenalties Drawn29.5OUUOUUU
Mikael BacklundCF%52.5UOOOUOU
Andrew MangiapanePoints34.5UUUUOOO
Dillon DubePoints29.5UUUUOUO
Milan LucicPowerplay Goals4.5UUOUUUU
Sam BennettPoints23.5UUOUOUU
Derek RyanFO%55.5OUOUUOU
Josh LeivoPoints19.5OOOOOOO
Dominik SimonGoals9.5OUOUUOU
Mark GiordanoAssists23.5OUOUUUU
Chris TanevBlocks119.5OOUOOUU
Noah HanifinPoints20.5UUOUUOU
Rasmus AnderssonPowerplay Points9.5OOOOOOO
Juuso ValimakiATOI17:30OOUOOOU
Oliver KylingtonGames Played34.5UUUUUUU
Nikita NesterovGames Played34.5OUUUUUU
Connor MackeyGames Played14.5OOOOOUU
Jacob MarkstromStarts34.5OOOUOOO
David RittichSV%0.9105OOOOOOO
TeamDouble Digit Goal Scorers8.5UUOOUUU
TeamLongest Winning Streak4.5UOOUOUU
TeamDivision Finish2.5OOUOOOO
TeamGoalies used2.5OOOOOUO
TeamWins against Oilers5.5OOOOOOO

Think you know better how the Flames will do this year? Submit your predictions and try to prove us wrong.

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