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Calling Flames fans from around the world – we want to hear from you!

The Win Column is lucky to have writers from all over the country, and continent on our team. We have had writers from Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, London, Ithaca, and Ottawa post article on our site, and we’re proud to have a stellar group of talented people from all over.

Writing about and cheering for the Calgary Flames has been a passion of ours for many, many years, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the greater Flames community.

If you are a Flames fan or you know a Flames fan who does not live in Calgary, we’d like to interview you! We’re lucky to have such a great community of fans around the world, and we’d like to feature your experience as a fan and how you’ve interacted with the team and the sport from afar.

If you’re interested in being featured on TWC, please fill out the Google form linked below.

Global Flames fans – we want to hear from you! FORM

We can’t wait to hear from all the wonderful Flames fans out there.


Update: we heard from tons of Flames fans around the world!

Full Global Flames Fan Series: Australia, England, Scotland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Brazil, China, the United States, and Canada outside of Calgary.

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