#CBJHAC: A datavis-first approach to figuring out the world of hockey analytics

Over the weekend of February 8-9, 2020, the Columbus Blue Jackets hosted their Hockey Analytics Conference (CBJHAC). Organised by Alison Lukan (@AlisonL) of The Athletic, the conference gave an in-depth look into the current state of the art in hockey analytics.

I was very fortunate to be able to attend with a million thanks to Peter Flynn’s (@pflynnhockey) hockey diversity initiative that he setup via hockey-graphs.com. I had the opportunity to share my approach to creating data visualisations using hockey stats, and here are my slides:

In my talk, I wanted to share how data visualisation can be a great way to get into hockey statistics for any skill level. The main takeaways were:

  1. Know the data you’re working with
  2. Use any and all tools available
  3. Ask and answer the questions important to you
  4. Make your visualisation compelling

Using this process, I provided the thought process into making my NHL Point Share Shells, which I’ve written about before here: Visualising team scoring across the NHL halfway through the 2019-20 season.

The video to my presentation can be found here (skip ahead to 7:43:45). The rest of the conference included many great presentations and discussions as well:

Thanks again to Alison, Peter, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and everyone else involved for putting on such a great event!

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