Please allow me to introduce myself as the newest addition to The Win Column family!

My name is Prabhat Kainth and I am extremely stoked to be part of The Win Column’s team of highly talented authors. I have been following this blog for quite a while now and they have never failed to entice me with their unique content.   

Let me share a little story of how I got here. Being a young immigrant child from India, I settled in Calgary with my family when I was four years of age. Calgary has a very special place in my heart because I call it my home. I grew up in this amazing city and it is truly an honour that I got the opportunity to call myself a Calgarian.

When I was seven years old, the Flames went on their notorious 2004 Stanley cup run. I started watching hockey that season and I just couldn’t stop. Jarome Iginla in specific, ignited a passionate flame inside my heart for the Calgary Flames. Regardless of that season’s outcome, I was happy that I had discovered the beautiful game of hockey.

Throughout the years, I have been writing articles about the Flames for pure pleasure and now I have the opportunity to actually share my thoughts and ideas with the best fan base in the NHL.

I am currently entering my fourth year at the University of Calgary in the mechanical engineering program. I look to use my engineering knowledge to create unique pieces of writing, something I’ve often seen The Win Column. I am a major geek when it comes to advanced stats and analysis of hockey. I enjoy going further than qualitative analysis in my writing. I like to back up my thoughts with tangible numbers and hard proof. I look up to the hockey analytics community and always thrive to grow my knowledge. You can expect me to go into detailed analyses on just about everything that one cannot observe while watching a game. During any hockey season, there will be positives and negatives. I constantly try to stay positive about everything in life by asking myself one simple question: “How can I change this negative into a positive?” As far as hockey is concerned, that is exactly what I like to do in my writing, given any situation. I combine my observations with analyses to pinpoint a negative and pull out the best solution.

As you all can probably tell by now, the emotional investment I have for every single game, and the whole season, is off the charts. If you were to sit down and watch a game with me, be prepared for a whole bunch of yelling and screaming. I take pride in my enthusiasm for this team and I openly show it off. My ecstatic feelings for the Flames stems into the fact that I honour every player who wears the Flaming C. My own personal favourite player is young Johnny Gaudreau. When I play hockey, I like to model my game off of this magic. There is a lot of talent on this young team and I do truly believe they have a significant amount of untapped potential. Particularly, Matthew Tkachuk and Noah Hanifin have a lot of time and room to grow their already elite game. Mark Giordano also never fails to impress me with his commitment to the Flames organization on and off the ice. However, like any team, there will be a time where all players hit a small or big bump. Regardless of their reputation or performance, I never chose to discourage their place on this team. Yes, I may get frustrated with some players from time to time, but I always prefer to believe the glass is half full and that their positive contributions will come around. I always remain hopeful that all players can improve their game, and help this team in achieving their second Stanley Cup. Currently on the Flames roster, there is a huge amount of talent. If all the players buy in, the Flames will be a force to reckon with.  

Looking at the offseason work Brad Treliving has accomplished, it’s apparent that being optimistic can reward us with a very exciting season. It is looking like he may save a lot of anguish for the C of Red.

I truly cannot wait for the first puck drop of the season. As training camp and pre-season is just around the corner, my hockey withdrawals can be put to rest. Indeed, this will be a very special season for me, as I am beyond excited to start writing about the Flames throughout the season. Fans, let us all be optimistic in unison, ahead of the 2018-19 season. 

You can find me on twitter @Prabhat_K10.

As always: GO FLAMES GO!


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