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Predicting Jarome Iginla’s Future

It is nearly mid-August and Jarome Iginla remains unsigned. That means there are 31 GMs with very cold shoulders, which is very uncharacteristic during the hottest season of the year. Since we’re getting tired of waiting and being uncertain about what Iginla’s situation may be come October, we decided to employ artificial intelligence to take a gander at what might ensue.

Over August long weekend, we reached out on Twitter and got Flames fans to start a tweet with “Jarome Iginla” and see what their phones’ predictive text would manage to come up with. The responses were wildly mixed, and we certainly expected that, seeing as that’s the general consensus on Iginla anyways:

Many tweets sent Iginla lots of love, while others were brutally honest. Some strongly hinted at an Iginla comeback, and some made little to no sense whatsoever. So here’s the roundup of our favourite Jarome Iginla predictions.

Love for Iginla

Warning: a lot of wholesome love for Iginla coming your way. Prepare your tissue box, perhaps artificial intelligence isn’t such a bad thing?

Hate for Iginla

The following tweets reaffirm Elon Musk’s fear of artificial intelligence, with the predictions being viciously rude towards Iginla.

Clearly, the vast majority of artificial intelligence is aware of what a great human being Iginla is, and knows that he deserves our love. However, some phones are definitely infected with viruses and should be checked out. As for what will actually happen to Iginla in the near future, our phones just aren’t quite capable of predicting that just yet.

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